Prism One's Rapid Product Deployment Efforts (RPDE) Help Hospital Facilities and Alternative Care Sites

We are facing a world-wide challenge that no one has ever seen before with the rampant spread of COVID-19. The surge effects of this is pushing hospitals and medical facilities to their limits.

Due to this, hospitals are turning to Alternative Care Sites (ACS) temporary pop-up facilities to rapidly house more hospital beds and make room for more testing facilities. In other words, this growing challenge will require all of us to help make a difference.

In an effort to help convert these units to a finished facility and aid frontline, rapid-response healthcare workers on a local and state level, we have available inventory of products that meet the needs of ACS guidelines.

With speed being of utmost importance in this time, we recommend looking at our Jumpax flooring underlayment. This rapid-install flooring fits over most sub-bases, is instant dry floor levelling and gives the installer a perfectly smooth surface to install most glue-down flooring. Beyond that, it is environmentally friendly too.

Jumpax Flooring Underlayment.

We are eager to help meet the needs of our healthcare system and treat those impacted by the Coronavirus. To learn more our Rapid Product Deployment Efforts and how we are helping handle the Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Central Florida Area and beyond, contact us at 321-293-1000 or via email at today.