Prism One

Slab Gray Concrete Sealant 10.5 Oz

Slab combines the durability, flexibility and adhesion you need for lasting concrete crack repairs. This easy-to-apply, 100% acrylic latex water-based product is textured to simulate concrete so repairs blend in. Plus, Slab contains no isocyanates or solvents, which means it’s easy on your nose.

Product Summary
  • The serious fix for concrete cracks
  • Won't crack or pull away, it just sticks, stretches, and stays
  • Textured to blend in with concrete
  • Spans gaps up to 3 in wide with no slump
  • Easy to tool and clean up with just water
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Full 10.5 oz. in every cartridge - more for your money
  • Limited lifetime warranty - have confidence you're using the right product

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