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Waste Diversion Accomplishments Spanning 77+ Projects Since 2010




Our Services / Material Diversion

Zero Waste Landfill

Our Zero Landfill initiative aims to keep as much waste out of landfills as possible by repurposing the materials in creative ways that end up being useful to your organization. Together, we can build the blueprint for your organization to maximize its green potential.

Our Services / Material Diversion

Developing Your Circular Economy

The future of what it means to run a sustainable business is being shaped by today’s practices. Your business deserves to be at the forefront of this new era; it deserves a model that allows you to receive the maximum use of the materials you purchase. Together, we can close the loop of material landfilling and do something impactful with the materials you already own.

Prism One Circular Economy Waste Diversion
Jewel Box by Prism One
Our Services / Material Diversion

Jewel Box

Prism One’s innovative Material Diversion platform ensures that your sustainable goals are met. With clarity and ease, Jewel Box maintains all data and provides real-time tracking information of your materials and resources. This auditable system will give you the ability to conveniently schedule cycles as well as monitor the progress and volume of your materials.

Jewel Box is the right tool to meet your sustainable goals while giving you the information you need to evaluate your project from an economic and environmental perspective.