How to: Adding Magnets to your Cablox

With our expanded Cablox mounting options, our new adhesive applied Neodymium magnetic strips, now provide more placement possibilities with the option to relocate and reuse in another spot that offers a magnetic friendly surface.

Now we have three (3) different buying options for Cablox; Cablox with adhesive backing only, Cablox with pre-installed adhesive applied magnets, and adhesive backed magnets only (for previously purchased Cablox). Bundles are currently only being sold with adhesive backing. 

Here are a few steps to help you add the magnets to your Cablox

All Finished!

And that's it! We would love to see where you have placed your Cablox and how it helps you organize. Just sent us a photo to our email at

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FAQ: Cablox Magnets