FAQ: Cablox Magnets

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add the magnets to Cablox I have previously purchased?
A: Absolutely, Our magnets are sold separately so you are able to add to Cablox you already own. Cablox Magnets

Q: Can I place the magnet on the cablox without having the original adhesive pad?
A: Yes, but we don't recommend it. remember when adding the magnet you should wait 20 minutes after adhering it to your Cablox before adding wires.

Q: Can I place the magnet over the current adhesive pad?
A: Yes, our new Neodymium magnetic strips, come with an adhesive backing and can be placed right on top of the original adhesive pad. Please wait 20 minutes before adding wires for the adhesive to properly set. How to: Adding Magnets to your Cablox

Q: Can I remove the magnet from one Cablox and then place it on another Cablox?
A: We don’t recommend removing the magnet and then adding to another Cablox. Removal compromises the integrity of the adhesive backing and can cause the magnet to separate from the Cablox.

Q: What can the magnet stick to?
A: By using Neodymium magnetic strips, the possibilities are endless. The magnets will grab hold onto to anything metallic or other magnetic objects.

Q: How many magnets does a Cablox 8x8 require?
A. Cablox 8x8 requires 2 adhesive backed 2x8 Mini Magnets

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