Make Every Day, Earth Day

As we look to celebrate Earth Day's 50th Anniversary on April 22, we are met with new circumstances amid Covid-19. Typical Earth Day group events, such as beach clean-ups, recyclable collection events, and many others will not be available this time around to spread the sense of well-being.

Now, we have an opportunity to take this time to pause and reflect on our actions.

Am I doing everything I can?

Are our employers, the businesses we frequent, and the places we go to for recreation doing everything they can?

And are we doing so collectively as a society?

Achieving Zero Landfill is possible today and it has been possible for many years. So, why is it selectively done? Why do some businesses implement a Zero Landfill program and then fail to commit? This needs to change.

While we may be spending this 50th Anniversary of Earth Day in unconventional ways, the positive impact we can achieve as a whole is more important than ever.

We invite you to take a moment and think about how our actions affect the Earth every day and what we can do differently moving towards a better and more sustainable tomorrow. Maybe we just start with the next 50 years.

Make every day Earth Day!